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I really liked the team projects where we chose the team leader and Scrum master ourselves.

Hello everyone, I'm glad I studied at GoIT (Bootcamp 3 online) and I never regretted it during the whole study period. Sometimes it wasn't easy because you have to learn a lot of new things every day, but when you succeed and see the result of the time and effort spent, it's inspiring:)

Ruslana Kravchenko

Software Engineer at EPAM Systems

Course : Bootcamp online

My subjective assessment of this school: 12/10

In short, I took the FullStack Developer course online and was very satisfied. In more detail: For about six months, I searched for different schools that teach IT and decided on GoIT. After leaving an application on the website for the course I was interested in, a girl from the sales department got back to me within a few hours. She answered all my questions quickly and efficiently and did everything she could to satisfy my queries as a potential customer. So if you have any doubts about whether it's worth paying for training here, the guys will answer ANY questions about training.

Bohdan Teodorovych

Software Engineer at GlobalLogic

Course : Bootcamp online

As a result of 3 interviews - 2 offers (the third one was just not paid well enough)

I've taken the Fullstack Developer online course. I'm very satisfied with the material, the presentation, and the course structure. The notes and recorded webinars by Sasha Repeta are just awesome! Structured and really useful information and mega accessible explanations.

Zoya Baletska

JavaScript Developer (React) at HYS Enterprise

Course : Fullstack online

I took offline and online GoIT courses and noticed no difference in the quality of education.

My name is Olya, I'm a GoIT graduate, 22 BootCamp, Fullstack developer. After graduation, I got a job in a German company. I studied offline and online for 7 months (quarantine time) and noticed no difference in the quality of education. GoIT has become my second family. I felt supported and cared for throughout my studies.

Olga Grymchak

Middle Software Engineer at PREA Group GmbH

Course : Bootcamp offline

After the GoIT courses, I got 3 offers after passing 5 interviews

I took GoIT Bootcamp online 8 and now I’m working in the international company Deltatre (Prague branch). I believe that the fact that 10 out of 12 graduates of the course have found a job in IT proves the quality of the course.

Irina Kolesnik

Frontend Developer at Deltatre

Course : Bootcamp online

Thanks for your help! Training, and starting my new career!

I started the Java Developer course at the beginning of February. At first, everything was not easy because I had never been in touch with programming before, but then the fun part started :) With each lesson, it became more difficult, but Dmitry, our instructor, explained everything so clearly that it was impossible not to understand. He answered all the questions, no matter how stupid they were.

Oleksandr Bondarchuk

System Administrator / DevOps

Course : Java online

It's a great school. The people and the atmosphere are just great. And in general, it felt like a big family of like-minded people.

I took the Fullstack Developer course at GoIT in 2020 and have been working in the field for six months now. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a job! You won't find better courses: maximum commitment from teachers, mentors, and managers, lots of practice, group projects, and team spirit, you feel like an important part of something big, and even more important: there is a result. Only those who didn't try to find a job after the course failed.

Yana Derevyanko

Frontend Developer at Viseven

Course : Fullstack offline

Excellent instructors and GoIT's desire to train outstanding professionals

I got enrolled in the Fullstack online course a year ago, and to be honest, I got more than I bargained for. The program is up to date (most students are hired before they even finish the course), the instructors are great and the GoIT team is ready to train excellent professionals.

Stanislav Yurchenko

Frontend Engineer at AgileEngine

Course : Fullstack online

You can ask any questions about anything from morning till night

Hello everyone! I'd like to share my experience with Online Bootcamp 10 in the Fullstack Developer Program from June 2021 to December 2021. In these six months I spent together with the 10th class and the GoIT team, we almost became a family. The course is designed so that anyone can learn, even with no prior knowledge of IT.

Maxim Ostrovsky

Fullstack Developer at MaybeWorks

Course : Bootcamp online

Many thanks to the mentors and teachers for their impeccable teaching!

Hey guys! I took the Full Stack Developer course. I enjoyed the learning process, the environment and the GoIT team from the very first lessons. All the materials were presented in a very pleasant and understandable way. Great respect to the mentors, teachers and organizers for structuring the workflow and presenting the program impeccably! I'd like to highlight the teacher Alexander Repeta as a master of his profession!

Anton Yarosh

Frontend Developer at Five Systems Development

Course : Fullstack online