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Marathon with FS

Learn to create a mini-website in a week. Study the basics of layout and apply the principles yourself as a Frontend developer.

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Webinar: want to switch into a career in tech?

For anyone considering a career change but unsure how to get started

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It all begins with the basics. How to get started

Almost everyone who dreams of changing careers and joining an IT company tries to find free programming courses online. First, that…and second,  to get a certificate and a job. Here at GoIT, we believe that you shouldn’t rush to the cheapest courses and waste your valuable time. We have developed short online programs for Filipinos, where you can work on real projects without any previous experience.

On our platform, you can practice programming, testing, design, and even project management. Classes are held online in the evening, so you can study in your free time. You’ll also get constructive feedback from your homework as they’re checked by real people – mentors with valuable experience in IT.

As a beginner, it’s enough to do a small project to understand if IT is the right path for you or not. We have students who have never seen a program code in their life. But as soon as they try to write their own, they fall in love with the profession from the first line. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you work. In IT, there are dozens of different fields, both technical and non-technical (where you don’t have to code). Here, everyone can choose something that suits their interests and strengths.

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GoIT marathons are free IT courses for beginners to help you decide on a career path. If you’re not decided which programming course to choose, the marathon is sure to answer your questions.

What IT careers will be in demand in 2023?
What is the difference between Frontend and Backend?
What is the difference between JavaScript, Python and Java?
What do you need to know to become a tester?
How long does it take to train as a programmer?

The marathons are also designed to allow participants to practice. For example, during an HTML/CSS coding marathon, you can learn how to create simple websites in seven days. You can also try to draw a page design in Figma, write code in VS code, and test programs from zero. These projects are things you can add to your portfolio which can significantly help you get hired.

Simply put, if you want to acquire basic programming skills – all you need is a laptop and a few free evenings. 

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