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GO IT graduates are diverse and talented Front End, Full Stack and Back End junior developers

Our Students Within 6-12 Months Have Mastered

  • JavaScript ES5

  • React Native

  • Python

  • Amazon AWS

  • React

  • Microsoft Azure

  • PostgreSQL

  • Google Cloud

  • Bootstrap

  • NodeJS

  • Docker

  • MongoDB

Student Portfolio

They live in 180 cities across the US and have all shown great tenacity, passion, and the skills needed to grow into talented web developers that will help your company get to the next level.

    Kids Like

    Kids Like is a website that GoIT graduates created to help parents and children plan and keep track of things like schedule, chores, and other important tasks. Everytime a task is created, a point allotment goes to it and then once completed, the points are earned by the child. Some examples include; making the bed, reading a book, brushing teeth, etc. After a task is completed and the points are earned, children can cash them in and earn rewards. Rewards consist of things like going to the movies, a McDonalds happy meal, or a trip to an amusement park.....

    Technologies used:
    html&css, javascript, node.js

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    BarberShop was a project created by GoIT graduates that was designed for a business’s landing page and displays the businesses products, services, employees, contact information, other social media links and allows clients to book appointments.....

    Technologies used:

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    CryptoHub is a real time crypto-currency tracking platform designed by GoIT graduates that allows for easy comparison of different currencies in one place. Aside from being able to compare currencies like Bitcoin, ZCash and Ethereum Classic, the platform also tracks value and recognizes trends in purchasing power.....

    Technologies used:
    html&css, javascript

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