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About GoIT

We are an international ed-tech company with more than 6 years of experience, over the course of which we have received several remarkable achievements. Students from more than 30 countries study at GoIT. 99% of the time we work with switchers, that is, individuals who change their career and start a career in tech from scratch after already having a career they’ve invested in.

  • 3817

    Graduates Found a Relevant Job within 180 Days of Graduation

  • $72k

    Average Salary After Graduation

  • 4924

    Students are Studying Now

  • 98%

    Employment Rate Through Our Career Services

  • Quality summary

    GoIT is dedicated to teaching students the skills they need to be successful in the tech industry. To do this, we not only focus on the technical skills of the trade, but also teach students how to increase their desirability and create resumes that capture potential employer’s attention.

  • Professional portfolio

    After the completion of each of our educational programs students have real life experience and projects to show for it that they are then able to use in their professional portfolios.


GO IT has been working on a UA basis since 2014. The company has achieved tremendous success and received a large number of awards

Lisa Voronkova

Company Manager in the USA

Lisa was first introduced to web development when she headed a project in Bioengineering, that was selected as a part of the Stanford-based accelerator Alchemist. Since then, she has found a passion for educating and sharing the numerous opportunities that the tech industry offers to individuals, who are looking to change their lives for the better. Upon her partnership with GoIT, she saw an opportunity to bring them to the US market and provide a quality education that would allow anyone to begin a career in tech when starting from scratch.

Lisa Voronkova
    EDUCATION 2015

    AWARDS 2016

  • Ukrainian
    People’s Prize

Current Job Market in the USA

A few numbers that we are proud of

  • $80k

    Salary of a Software Developer on average

  • 504k

    Software developers hired in the last decade

  • 4 Mio

    Jobs on the IT Job Market in the USA

  • $2 bn

    Economic impact of the tech industry

  • 32%

    US share of the Global Tech market

GOIT Courses

We are constantly improving each course, based on the experience and feedback of our graduates. Our programs are pure knowledge and practice, seasoned with interesting projects and gamification.

  • Full stack from scratch

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  • 6 day free challenge

  • Python for Data Science

  • GO Java

  • GO QA

  • IT Project Manager

Alumni Results

  • Irina Vasilenko

    Frontend Developer

      • Education: Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman (KNEU). Management
      • Previous area: Flight attendant at UIA
      • Experience in IT before the course: Zero
      • Course: [BOOTCAMP OFFLINE]
      • Time to find a job: 1.2-2 months
      • Age: 29 years old
      • Employment:
        company label
      • Social media:

    Irina VasilenkoFive years of my life have passed in the sky. I was a senior flight attendant at Ukrainian airlines. This is very cool, but I did not plan to develop further in the aviation field. I wanted to “go back to earth” and find myself. The hardest part of the course for me was when JavaScript started. Before that, I had never programmed. My brain was in shock! I cried in the evenings because I did not understand anything. But the teachers told us that we need to wait and not stop, then everything will grow together. And in one moment everything fell into place. I began to understand, and this barrier was overcome. Stressful in my life was the period when I graduated from the courses. I understood that I needed to act, and look for a job. Therefore, for about a month I had the following daily routine: I woke up in the morning, sent a resume, then talked to recruiters, went through interviews, and did test tasks. I got a job at Parimatch Tech Junior Frontend Developer. Now she is in love with her job, the company, and the team. As a junior, they help me a lot. They give tasks above my bar so that I can reach them. And it works. It will be difficult in IT because this is an area where you constantly need to think, learn and communicate. And success and development depend on it. It will not be easy - it's 200%, but it's interesting - it's also 200%. The balance will be restored.....

    Irina Vasilenko
    Irina Vasilenko
  • Taras Stepanov

    Frontend Engineer

      • Education: Nizhyn State University named after Nikolai Gogol. History
      • Previous area: Security guard, SEO specialist, Internet marketer, company director
      • Experience in IT before the course: Freelance coding
      • Course: [BOOTCAMP OFFLINE]
      • Time to find a job: Received a job offer - a relocation to Thailand until the end of the course
      • Age: 33 years old
      • Employment: IT company in Thailand
      • Social media:

    Taras StepanovI went to GoIT to improve my knowledge. I took IT BOOTCAMP courses and received an offer - a relocation to Thailand. In parallel with other jobs, since 2007 I have been involved in IT projects. I tried myself as a developer in large companies, but because of the unstructured knowledge, I was constantly refused. After several failed interviews, I did not pass them for a long time but continued to work as a freelancer. But realizing that I like development the most and bring in the most money, I started looking for courses. I chose the most difficult: 6 months, 24/7. At the end of the course, I posted a resume, because you need to gain experience in interviews. He showed his strengths in his resume but did not immediately count on success. This was the first interview of the course. I was almost sure of the refusal, but a job offer came to the post office - a relocation to Thailand! And then I said to my wife: “Sorry, but we are moving to Thailand in a month.” Coincidentally, when in GoIT at the beginning of the course we were asked to indicate our goals, I wrote - to work from Thailand. My wife and I have wanted this for a long time: the beach, the sun... I do not lie under a palm tree with a laptop but work in a big city in an office building. But it's still a great country, people and experience.....

    Taras Stepanov
    Taras Stepanov
  • Ivan Lapa

    Team Lead, Senior Developer

      • Education: Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts (KNUKiI). Marketing, management
      • Previous area: Marketing, worked in the marketing department of a small startup
      • Experience in IT before the course: Layout of the web pages
      • Course: [FRONTEND ONLINE]
      • Time to find a job: One month before the end of the course
      • Age: 27 years old
      • Employment:
        company label
      • Social media:

    Ivan LapaBack in my student years, my friend and I made up landing pages, but I wanted to find a more serious job. I realized that for this I lack the experience and knowledge of JavaScript. For training, I chose the Frontend Online course at GoIT. After some time, I began to take the first orders for small sites, and in the end, I found my first job in a serious company SoftServe. When you're trying to learn frontend, you don't have to learn everything. Focus on a specific topic. Don't try to learn all of JavaScript at once. Explore topic by topic, trying to understand the basics. Your ultimate goal is to pass the interview and, of course, better understand the code you write. Therefore, take a list of questions for an interview and slowly analyze them topic by topic, since the frontend training program in GoIT is built on this. This is one of the reasons why I became a mentor at GoIT when I got my first job. After a while, I taught frontend, and after that, I did a program for preparing for technical interviews. I do what I love and get paid for it - the perfect crime.....

    Ivan Lapa
    Ivan Lapa

What Students Are Saying

Teddie Thomas

Оct 2, 2021

Student of the full Software Engineer program

“The challenge was actually really fun and interesting. Going from knowing zero about coding, and then coming out knowing the basics of HTML and CSS.”

Marlon Lopez

Оct 2, 2021

Student of the full Software Engineer program

“Especially because I don’t have any coding background, I was impressed because everything was explained really well.”

Akim Mieres

Оct 2, 2021

Student of the full Software Engineer program

“I really enjoyed it, it was very comprehensive and I was able to learn a lot I was able to interact with code in ways I hadn’t. I’m looking forward to the full length course.”

Abloulaye Seck

Оct 2, 2021

Student of the full Software Engineer program

“Before I joined the challenge I wasn’t able to do any coding, I had thought it was very difficult, but once I joined the challenge I realized it was very very easy.”

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