Full Stack Web Developer Course

Become a Full Stack Web Developer in 10 months without having to quit your day job

Kickstart your career in a thriving industry and increase your income!

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Date: August 22, 2022

Curriculum Timeline: 10 Months Of Expert Training

Our 4-part methodology provides theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to help you advance in your new career in less than a year!

  • Part 1: HTML + CSS

    Start with HTML and CSS basics, theory and practical application.

  • Part 2: JS

    Learn Javascript in a project-based environment.

  • Part 3: React

    Learn React.js and front-end development through theory and hands-on practice.

  • Part 4: Node JS

    Focus on Node.js and complete a final capstone project for this part.

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What To Expect From This Full Stack Course: Your Weekly Schedule For Success

  • 1.5 hours

    of live instruction

  • 6 hours

    of practice with our autochecking tasks. Our mentor is ready to help

  • 1,5 hours

    hours of coding with instructior

  • 1 hour

    of course work study

  • Soft skills

    and career trainings

You Have The Motivation And Intelligence. You Just Need The Right Education

Imagine yourself going from a dead-end or tedious job to an exciting career in an industry that is continually evolving. You can do just that! Expand your options in the web development field, which has ever-evolving job opportunities.

  • A career that grows with you

    Once you completed your training, you will be set to begin your career in an industry that is continually innovating

  • Prospects that span multiple industries

    Everyone needs web developers: startups, agencies, and large corporations across the globe. Work remotely and take the job with you when you travel. There are no dead ends in an industry that keeps growing.

  • Increase your earning potential

    The demand for web developers only continues to increase. The average junior web developer salary in the United States is $79,000 per year, while seniors can earn as much as $118,000.

Support Every Step Of The Way

  • Learn through live instruction

    Attend live classes two days per week. The pace of a part-time program allows you to integrate the material better and spend time on projects.

  • Mentorship support

    Our mentors are focused on your success and are on hand to guide you through the program. This mentor will follow your journey through the program, provide guidance if you get stuck, and be available for one-on-one help.

  • Expert instructors

    Our team is composed of experienced engineers who are dedicated to your success. Instructors have years of industry experience to share, preparing you to meet the expectations of the workplace.

  • Career support

    Our experienced advisors offer preparation, skills, and coaching as you begin your job search. They will provide you support in crafting impressive resumes, Linkedin profiles, and cover letters. Our advisors also provide direct networking support to help you land your first job in tech.

After Completing Our Program, You Will Have

  • Coding skills

    Fluency of the top coding languages highly sought after in the industry

  • Portfolio

    A professional portfolio packed with impressive examples of your work

  • Employment Assistance

    A team of career experts behind you, helping you to land your first job

GoIT Full Stack developer course is an exclusive opportunity to become a highly-paid professional in an industry with multiple career options.

At GoIT we make sure that you have the technical skills to meet the challenges of web development. What we also do is prepare you for the workplace environment and ensure your success.

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Want To Build Websites Like This? You Can!

Most of our students enroll with no prior coding experience. By completing the GoIT Full Stack Program, they gain the skills they need to become successful web developers.,By graduation, your portfolio will boast 7 projects, including a culmination capstone project.

    Kids Like

    Kids Like is a website that GoIT graduates created to help parents and children plan and keep track of things like schedule, chores, and other important tasks. Everytime a task is created, a point allotment goes to it and then once completed, the points are earned by the child. Some examples include; making the bed, reading a book, brushing teeth, etc. After a task is completed and the points are earned, children can cash them in and earn rewards. Rewards consist of things like going to the movies, a McDonalds happy meal, or a trip to an amusement park.....

    Technologies used:
    html&css, javascript, node.js

    View project


    BarberShop was a project created by GoIT graduates that was designed for a business’s landing page and displays the businesses products, services, employees, contact information, other social media links and allows clients to book appointments.....

    Technologies used:

    View project


    CryptoHub is a real time crypto-currency tracking platform designed by GoIT graduates that allows for easy comparison of different currencies in one place. Aside from being able to compare currencies like Bitcoin, ZCash and Ethereum Classic, the platform also tracks value and recognizes trends in purchasing power.....

    Technologies used:
    html&css, javascript

    View project

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Date: August 22, 2022

Tuition & Financial Options

A high-paying job in web development doesn't have to come at a high price. GoIT is one of the most affordable online programs that guarantee full-time work after completion.

The total cost of the program is


We have 4 convenient options for payment:

  • Pay in Full

    $7,000 $5,000 in full payment

  • Month to month payments

    $700/month for 10 months

  • Pay in 3 installments


  • Finance tuition with one of our lending partners

    36-month installment ($200/month)

Please contact us if you don't see an option that works for you or need more information about payment plans.

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